Lyft launches

Lyft has made it possible to rent a car without a mileage limit

The company has begun to provide such service in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Now, people from these states are able to rent a car for only $35. As many of you may already know, this company has created an app, thanks to which people can order a ride to any place they want. Now they added a rental service to the application. Moreover, they are offering 2 ride credits worth $20 as a refund for the expenses spend on the way to and from the drop-off and pick up locations.

Lyft is trying to do everything possible to make them the number one renting service. For example, they made it possible for 22-year-olds to be able to rent a car (but only if they have a valid document). But their main advantage is that they don’t put any mileage limits and the car is already filled up with fuel when a client receives it.

Besides, the company hasn’t stated what year are the vehicles that they use. Nevertheless, they do say that every car has Apple and Android connection features. Also, the creators are offering various optional coverages.

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