Laptop version of the iPad keyboard by Brydge is now being offered for sale by the Apple company

Some of Apple’s stores, as well as online, began to distribute Brydge’s goods. This company is famous for creating laptop-style keyboards for tablets. Two sizes are available for purchase.

Currently, Apple has 2 types of tablets – the pro and the original version. Recently, the company has purchased support for the Smart black and whites to both of the versions, because it aims to make typing popular not only on the first version but also on the original. Brydge does create the rows of keys for the Pro version, which is great, but for some reason, they stopped to sell it.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the air or pro-2019 version. This version of the clavier is suitable for both of the iPad versions. And the price is $30 cheaper than Apple’s keyboard. But it doesn’t mean that it is worse. Brydge’s keyboard has all of the functions that a user may need, which include all possible tilting angles, and more comfortable user experience on your lap. But it has some disadvantages, for example, it’s weight and Bluetooth pairing.

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