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Convert your iPhone with the new app Rewound

Thanks to this miracle app, people are now able to install a click wheel onto their phones and remember the old times. This application literally brings back iPod into the modern technology world. Rewound is an ordinary software that anyone can easily download from the App Store. Its main features include:

  • Downloadable skins that modify your iPhone to make it look just as the old iPod
  • Fast sync of your Apple Music memory
  • Haptic feedback (makes your iPhone not only look but also feel like an iPod)

The software’s creator, Louis Anslow, has been developing it for 1 year. The reason why he designed it was to remind all people how great was the “button” times. Currently, the only music application that Rewound supports is Apple Music and it’s developer plans to make updates so that the program will support Spotify also. 

Nevertheless, Anslow is not describing his creation as the application that transforms an iPhone into an iPod. The software has been created in such a way that the skins are being uploaded into your phone only after the software is installed. It is a very smart workaround, which means that soon people will design other skins as well.

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